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25:deda6bbd8366 09/12/2011 08:40 PM kervala

Changed: Telephony is optional

23:f35ef7563503 09/12/2011 08:51 AM kervala

Removed: android.intent.category.LAUNCHER category to hide application from Applications grid

17:c26cdfb052b7 08/17/2011 01:55 PM kervala

Added: android.intent.category.LAUNCHER to be able to debug it

7:a2f80f264dbb 01/08/2011 04:58 PM kervala

Removed: WallpaperChooser from Launcher2
Removed: Launcher activity because we don't want to display launcher in applications

6:edccc4ab096e 12/31/2010 09:35 PM kervala

Fixed: min SDK version and Launcher activity

4:64db3079e01c 12/31/2010 05:48 PM kervala

Changed: Updated resources to last version

2:a2dab1dee93c 12/29/2010 06:20 PM kervala

Changed: permissions names

0:38f96073777b 12/29/2010 05:22 PM kervala

Changed: Initial Android applications commit