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Toggle_check # Project Status Subject Updated Target version % Done
408CeBNouveauImprove auto-update03/22/2015 07:26 PM1.3

405kdAmnRésoluAFK disabling the window at the wrong moment03/15/2015 03:58 PM1.1

401kdAmnEn coursNotes manager03/15/2015 01:16 PM1.2

396ComicsReaderRésoluOut of memory in JNI11/01/2014 12:38 PM

395ComicsReaderNouveauUse Android DownloadManager to download albums06/27/2014 07:39 PM

392ComicsReaderNouveauAdd current folder in indexes06/21/2014 06:51 PM

387ComicsReaderNouveauImprove antialiasing06/21/2014 06:51 PM

386ComicsReaderNouveauHTML entities in titles06/21/2014 06:51 PM

384kdAmnRésoluScroll up when use disconnect/reconnect02/01/2015 10:48 AM

375ComicsReaderNouveauGo to parent ask password01/11/2013 10:56 AM

367ComicsReaderNouveauUse tab bar in browser12/15/2012 12:35 PM

366ComicsReaderNouveauAdd history of read albums12/15/2012 12:34 PM

358ComicsReaderNouveauNext album auto-loading12/15/2012 12:24 PM

357ComicsReaderNouveauList all mounted disks in bookmarks12/15/2012 12:23 PM

356ComicsReaderNouveauGoogle Drive support07/28/2012 08:08 AM

344AudioCompRésoluCreate a widget to display the full waveform03/17/2012 08:01 PM1.0.0

343AudioCompNouveauAdd a progress dialog when loading a file03/14/2012 10:24 AM1.0.0

342PackagingNouveauManager dependencies between projects03/12/2012 10:00 AM

341PackagingNouveauReset environment variables03/12/2012 09:59 AM

340PackagingNouveauAdd packaging for libboost03/12/2012 09:54 AM

339PackagingNouveauAdd packaging for qtmobility03/12/2012 09:54 AM

337AudioCompRésoluCreate a widget to display a waveform03/03/2012 11:45 PM1.0.0

303ComicsReaderNouveauAdd BackupAgent12/28/2012 07:37 PM

302ComicsReaderNouveauAdd text to XML indices12/28/2012 07:38 PM

301ComicsReaderNouveauAdd actions to AlbumDialog12/28/2012 07:38 PM

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