CeB is a multiplatform <Mtp> Chat ! client written in Qt4, featuring:

  • Support of Ryzom chat support servers
  • Multi-servers managing
  • Multi-language
  • Tabs for tell, wall, who, etc
  • Support of Lua scripting
  • Search feature
  • Logs
  • Nicknames completion
  • Auto-connections
  • "About me" popups (Warningo)
  • Tray icon (with activity warning)
  • Auto-away and auto-leave
  • Keep-Alive
  • And more...

CeB's installation manual

  • Under windows, an installer exists
  • Under linux, you must compile it, you need:
  • Qt 4.4 minimum
  • cmake 2.6.0 minimum
  • Lua 5.1 minimum

To compile CeB, you need to :

- install all needed libraries (need to be root or use sudo)

  • Archlinux
pacman -S cmake subversion lua qt gcc
* Debian
apt-get install subversion liblua5.1-dev cmake libqt4-dev gcc
* Gentoo
emerge subversion lua cmake qt gcc
* Sabayon

All necessary libs are already installed.

- compile CeB

svn co cebmtpchat
cd cebmtpchat
cmake . && make

- install CeB (need to be root or use sudo)

make install

For debian-based distributions, an APT repository has been created.

Just type :

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kervala/ppa

And install the cebmtpchat package.

or if you need to add the key :

sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 5E354EB2

Then add this repository in Synaptic or /etc/apt/source.list

deb jaunty main


deb intrepid main